Shekhinah District COGIC Celebrates Resurrection Sunday With 7 Last Words Of Jesus On The Cross And Baptism Ceremony


The Spirit of the Holy Ghost permeated Leesburg Church of God in Christ (COGIC)and touched the hearts and minds of some parishioners who attended the Shekhinah District Meeting Friday evening, March 29, 2024 in Leesburg, Florida.

A special program highlighting the 7 Last Words of Jesus on the Cross and a baptism ceremony made for a wonderful and memorable night with the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

District Superintendent John Christian coordinated the program after feeling the need in his spirit to celebrate Resurrection Sunday appropriately, he instituted the program where Shekhinah District pastors would expound on Jesus’ Last Words on the Cross. Superintendent Christian discussed the 7th Word: “Father, into your hands I commend My Spirit.”

District pastors were very enthusiastic about participating in the program and the baptism ceremony, which attracted about 20 youths and adults. Of cause the water was cold, but the Spirit of God was hot, and He hovered all over Leesburg COGIC, where individuals touched starting running, jumping, dancing, shouting and crying.

“There’s fire in here tonight,” said a male participant.

Shekhinah District pastors who spoke on the Last Sayings of Jesus on the Cross were Ernest Talbert, Baker Street COGIC; Arthur Gray, Greater Holy Temple COGIC;  Tricia McIntyre-Rackard,  Pleasant Hill COGIC; Albert Jones,  True Vine Deliverance Center COGIC; Florine Smith,  Leesburg COGIC; Felicia Hodge, His Life Ministries; and Superintendent John Christian,  Christian Worship Centers COGIC.

Others who helped make the program successful were District Missionary Constance Christian, the presider; Missionary Tiana McCray, invocation; Evangelist Gloria Jones, Scripture; CWC Praise Team; and Shekhinah District Choir.

“Tonight was a blessing from God. 20 children and adults made a decision to identify themselves with Christ’s death and Resurrection. Their old self was crucified with Christ and now they are followers of Jesus and they have risen with Him in newness of life,” said Superintendent John Christian.

“Shekhinah District, get ready for next year’s celebration of Resurrection Sunday. Baptism ceremonies will be held more frequently as well. To God be the glory,” concluded Superintendent John Christian.

“The Last Seven Sayings of Christ service was a Holy Ghost-filled Good Friday to remember! Each pastor of the Shekhinah District COGIC came with a Word that was rich and spiritually inspiring,” said CWC CO-Pastor and First Lady Constance Christian.

Superintendent John Christian concluded with “Father, I Commend My Spirit” telling the Shekhinah District that they didn’t kill Jesus, and there was no defeat! Jesus gave up the Ghost as stated in Luke 23:46 and remained in control! Hallelujah!! Co-Pastor Christian remarked. “It was a great time had by all.”

Zahir said, “Wow! That was one great, exciting experience with Jesus. I truly enjoyed it.”