Skeptical Black Democrats: If Not President Joe Biden In 2024, Then Who?

Trevor Mallory


There’s backroom talk promoting the premise that there‘s a considerable amount of uncertainty among Black Democratic voters who are unsure whether they will vote again for President Biden in the 2024 presidential election.

Let’s go right to the point: If not President Joe Biden in 2024, then who?

While the presidential election is more than a year and half away, it’s important that President Biden can feel secure that he will have the Black vote in 2024.

Some of us can understand the reasoning behind the doubt of some Black voters’ reluctance to reelect President Biden. But what is the alternative?

The alternative is a Republican administration with policies of Maga extremism, which is oppressing a certain group of individuals – Blacks and People of Color – polarizing our country today.

Declared Democratic candidates include: Marianne Williamson, who ran in 2020 on a campaign saying the only way to defeat former President Donald Trump was to “harness love for political purposes.” Also, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. the son of slain US Attorney General Robert Kennedy, who has been publicly shunned by “much of his family over what they call his “tragically wrong “conspiracy theories about vaccines.

Since there are no viable Democratic challengers, we are almost all but certain that President Joe Biden will win the Democratic nomination.

Republican candidates are our only opposition.  During these times of banning books, suppressing voting rights, controlling women’s bodies and making major decisions about their right to have an abortion, conceal and carrying permitless guns, and more extreme issues, reelecting President Joe Biden is our best and only alternative in 2024.

If Republicans win in 2024, they will double down on their Maga policies and Blacks and People of Color will suffer the most.

President Joe Biden is the incumbent, and considering what he is up against, he has accomplished a lot.  Yes, he’s up in age, but he’s still doing what he needs to do for the American people nationally and internationally.  Sure, he hasn’t accomplished all he said he would on voting rights, student debt, immigration and more, but let him “finish the job” he started in 2021.”

Trevor Mallory, President of the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida, said, “I urge the entire Black Democratic electorate to again vote for incumbent President Joe Biden in 2024. He has secured lower health care and drug costs, passed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, making it more difficult for domestic abusers to buy guns, passed the Inflation Reduction Act, the largest investment in fighting climate change and that will create up to 9 million jobs, and his American Rescue Plan provided $1400. stimulus checks to most Americans.  We must vote again for President Biden in 2024 to let him “finish the job.”

Black folks, we sent Joe Biden to the White House in 2021. Let’s return him in 2024.

Let’s finish the job!