The Breakfast Club (BC) Is Back!


LEESBURG – A group of professional and nonprofessional retirees who love to eat and discuss politics, health, arts, and anything important or unimportant is back to hanging out for breakfast at least once a month. The group of “oldies but goodies” are transients from all over the country and the military permanently parked in Lake County.

The BC, recently returning from a hiatus for respect for founding members who passed on to glory, met for breakfast at Perkins on CR 27 in Leesburg, Florida, Thursday, October 19th, 2023.

“Wow!” Louis Ward said. “We picked it back up just like we never missed a beat. We talked crap, joked, laughed, and ate. Then we just about fell into our cars, and most of us probably went home and went to sleep.”

Ms. Lillian Smith said, “Getting back together was so much fun, and I really enjoyed myself. I’ll be looking forward to next month’s meeting.”

“It was a blast,” said Georgette, who’s been a member of the BC since its beginning fifteen years ago. “Seeing everyone and eating breakfast together when you don’t have to cook is special.”

“Personally, I thought it was great and lots of fun,” said Rip Washington, a founding member of the BC.  “And the new people who came out for the first time seemed to enjoy themselves, especially Ms. Taylor, who is 94 years old, and her brother Alvin, a military guy.”

Everyone had nothing but love for founding member Rip Washington, the star at the meeting. He paid the tab. He gets a pass next month.

Kudos to our waitress, Ms. Melissa. She was the best. She served us with love, and took our picture.