The City Of Oakland Florida Presented HAPCO FREE JAZZ SHOW

An Evening of Jazz In The Park


OAKLAND – I want to keep this short, but I can’t! Saturday, October 7th was just amazing. My wife and I visited the City of Oakland, FL to support our dear friend, Commissioner Joseph Hap Patrick McMullen who is dedicated to serving the citizens of Oakland, Florida. Ok, let me tell you about my good friend Commissioner Joseph Hap Patrick McMullen. He once said to me, “Mr. Williams, I see you in every city but my city. Lol!” I had to prove him wrong by showing up this year for the jazz festival. We are friends again. Lol! The Jazz event took place in the beautiful City of Oakland at 221 North Arrington St., Oakland, FL. The weather was perfect and there were many great vendors with food, jewelry, clothes, etc. along with great music. Latin GRAMMY nominated pianist Martin Bejerano fronts this internationally acclaimed trio, accompanied by renowned Cuban drummer Ludwig Afonso and GRAMMY nominated New York City bassist Edward Pérez. This lineup of jazz artists didn’t let the City of Oakland down. The performers were awesome and the sound was spectacular. You could hear every note being played. I’m looking forward to next year’s event. I would like to say that the residents of Oakland, Florida welcomed everyone with open arms. My wife and I felt right at home. We met some new friends and we’re planning on meeting here next year for the City of Oakland jazz festival. Five stars goes to the city of Oakland, Florida and City Commissioner Joseph Hap Patrick McMullen for a job well done. I mustn’t forget that my good friend Zita Steglich-Ross was in attendance at the city of Oakland Jazz Festival. I’ll see you at next year’s event. Don’t Meet Me There, Beat Me There!