The City Of Orlando, City Commissioner Regina I. Hill District 5, Orlando Police Department, Orlando Fire Department & Community Leaders Hold Unity Walk


ORLANDO – As our city struggles with trying to get a hold on stopping or slowing down the violence in our city, we must all come together. Each department in the City of Orlando is doing an amazing job protecting and servicing our communities. It takes more than just the city departments. It also takes the community’s involvement as well. It’s not that anyone’s not doing their job, it’s just that so much is going on in this big city. We need more people working on the problems. You can’t control people, but you can control the law that controls the people. If the solution is within the law then law makers need to pass new laws. Everyone that’s in these streets walking with us is here because they want better for their communities. We have to live for each other by looking out for each other, picking each other up when one of us is down and caring for one another when one can’t walk. On this day we walked to celebrate Lieutenant Debra Clayton and Mr. Jack Williams for their efforts in stopping the violence as a team against violence here in the beautiful City of Orlando. Lieutenant Debra Clayton and Mr. Jack Williams legacy will live forever. In attendance was City of Orlando Police Chief Eric D. Smith, City Commissioner Regina I. Hill District 5, Pastor Willie Barnes, Orlando Fire Chief Charlie Salazar, Bishop Cal Stubbs, Dr. Annette M. Stubbs, The Clayton Family, The Williams Family and the community came for this great celebration here in the historical Parramore Community within the beautiful City of Orlando. I would just like to say to the City of Orlando and the residents of Central Florida, “Keep your head up and keep uplifting your community in a big way.” Thank you goes out to the individuals that worked behind the scenes to help make this unity a success, as one to stop the violence & celebrate a life event.