The Democratic Black Caucus Of Florida Is Going All Out For Democratic Victories In Federal, State And Local Offices

Lee County Democratic Black Caucus member Chris Tompkins discusses DBCFLORIDA'S endorsed candidates with voter.


The Democratic Black Caucus of Florida (DBCFlorida) endorsed candidates Val Demings for Senate, Nikki Fried for Governor, Aramis Ayala for State Attorney General, and supported Adam Hattersley for Chief Financial officer, he doesn’t have an opponent.

More importantly, in trying to win primary races and the Midterm election in November, its 27 local county chapters have their foot soldiers doing the grunt work to win on the ground interacting with community residents to secure a victory for all their candidates.

DBCFlorida local chapter members throughout the state are strategically working to get the word out to their voters. DBCFlorida members are out in their local county communities, visiting houses and leaving door knob information packets, organizing and holding phone call meetings at various organizations and individual homes to call voters, informing them about their candidates and what they need to know to be able to vote, walking the neighborhoods, handing out information and interacting with their city’s residents.

As everyone in the state of Florida knows, it’s a must win in the midterm election because so much depends on the outcome which will drastically or positively change our lives in the areas of education, employment, affordable housing and more, said Trevor Mallory, President of Democratic Black Caucus of Florida.

“We are going all out for a Blue Wave victory in Florida with Val Demings representing us in the United States Senate, Nikki Fried as our Governor, and Aramis Ayala as our State Attorney General and an increase in Democrats in Federal, State and local offices,” Mallory concluded.

“The Okaloosa Democratic Black Caucus (ODBC) and its local Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) have canvassed their community and will continue until the election is over,” said Mr. Ellis Hodges, First Vice President of ODBC.

“We have been knocking on doors and interacting with community residents and we have sent out letters to our local churches encouraging voters to support our candidates in the primary and the midterm election,” Mr. Hodges continued.

It’s no different with the remaining other 25 local county chapters.  They’re “fired up and ready to go.”