The Library Represents A Creative Sense Of Freedom

Mario’s Meat Market


MYERS BEACH – The day that Hurricane Ian devastated Ft. Myers Beach and the beautiful Ft. Myers Beach Library, my heart was broken. It was almost one year ago when Hurricane Ian tore into Ft. Myers Beach, devastating this lovely beach as well as the entire community and surrounding homes and all the people who called Ft. Myers Beach and Ft. Myers, Florida home. Many people were left with no place to go, and many not knowing where their next meal would come from and were just left to hope and pray that their local government would be there to help not just those who lived in the wealthiest part of town, but those who were middle class and also the people even less fortunate and who needed the most help.

As the producer of The KIDS CAN COOK TV Show, which is a community-based show, I have taped shows working with all different organizations in Florida. The show worked with the Children’s Hospital, Lee County Division of Blind Services, the VFW, and a Safety on the Water P.S.A with the local Coast Guard. I have always felt a part of this wonderful community and grateful for what I was able to accomplish. I worked with the local children and I was able to say a special thank you to all of the children and give out goody bags filled with presents to those children.

Soon after the hurricane hit, I was desperately trying to find out about the Ft. Myers Beach Library. Although it took some time, I was finally able to learn that, although impacted by Hurricane Ian, the Ft. Myers Beach Library was still standing. There was at one time in history a real censorship of books, when certain books were not only banned, but burned. We have come a long way and must continue to go forward, for going backwards is not an option. The very beautiful Ft. Myers Beach Library creates a sense of freedom, as children have a safe place to go and learn about all different parts of the world we live in and people who come from all different parts of the world, to discover, to explore, and to also learn about the world around them as they also learn about themselves.

Interestingly enough, my first experience as a writer might have been called topsy-turvey. The year was approximately 1979 and in a small upstate part of New York State, also run by what might be best described as the “old boys club”, I was a perfect mixture between Lucille Ball and Gracie Allen. For those who are not familiar with those ladies, you can just assume I was gullible and naive to think that I could stand up to small town politics as I opened the first Mexican restaurant in this small town and came upon a law that was used against me that stated the following: In order for a woman to have a beer, wine, or liquor license, she had to have a male relative sign for her. It soon made the NY Post, and then Glamour Magazine as they were also getting on the bandwagon for women and had called and asked me to write about my experience. Amazingly, I was published and I thought to myself, well now that I have been published, perhaps I should learn how to write and closed my restaurant on Monday and took a great writing class at the new school in New York City, and now am happy to say I am presently a guest writer to The Orlando Times. And yes, due to my story, this law was changed.

To all the insurance companies that I know have had an over whelming job. To all the government workers whose job it is to help those in need. I can only say “please do not think of your work as a job, but perhaps think of it as a mission, a passion to help all the people in Ft. Myers who were left with little or nothing to hold onto. I ask you to think of this not as a job, but to please get up, get out from behind your desk and not only do your job, but do all that you can possibly do to help those who are still in great need of help.”

I recently visited Ft. Myers and stopped at Mario’s Meat Market, run by a wonderful family and, although it started out small, it is now a lovely large building housing all the wonderful Italian products and foods that can be picked up and taken home to enjoy. My mission was to stop and say hello to the children and families and to give out snack items and water to some of the children and families who stopped by. As I talked to the people, I realized many are still in need and I am just asking you to do all that you can do to really help the people of Ft. Myers, Florida.

If you would like to assist me with helping Ft. Myers recover, please email me at [email protected]


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