The Next Crossman Conversation Saturday April 15 Highlights Students At Bethune-Cookman University – Bright Young Aspiring Professionals In Strong Academic Programs

(Left to right): Bethune-Cookman University Senior Donovan Toatley, business and communications major; Danae Allen, Freshman class president majoring in elementary education; Taniya Jones, junior majoring in criminal justice; Phillip Hinson, junior business major and John Crossman. Photo courtesy of Crossman Career Builders 

WINTER PARK – This Saturday April 15 on The Crossman Conversation at 1:05 p.m. business leader John Crossman will highlight why one of his greatest passions in life is supporting HBCUs across the nation.

John and his family and companies have supported HBCUs for decades through endowed scholarships. He has held fundraisers and called upon his colleagues and CEOs of many companies to support them, as well as recruit their new talent from these overlooked institutions.

Crossman is recognized nationally and has been a sought-after speaker at colleges and universities about his book, Career Killers/Career Builders: The Book Every Millennial Should Read.   But he will tell you, without reservation, that out of more than 30 colleges and universities where he has lectured – either about successful careers, leadership, or real estate – the students who were the most engaged, curious, and who demonstrated grit, energy and desire, were those at the HBCUs.

“I want to emphasize with a series of guests from B-CU and other HBCUs what an important role these colleges and universities play in our country, and why businesses need to support and add HBCUs to their talent pool for recruitment”, says Crossman.

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