The Orlando Magic Vs. Knicks Game Night With Orlando Magic Dancers W/DaZhaun “Tru” Hicks


ORLANDO – I want to keep this short, but I can’t. I met DaZhaun “Tru” Hicks aka 2RU performing at an event hosted by my good friend, Mr. Jack Williams founder of Stop The Violence and Embrace nonprofit organization. DaZhaun “Tru” Hicks was one of the performers for the event. I talked with DaZhaun “Tru” Hicks and asked him if he would perform for one of our events hosted in the community. Well he said yes. DaZhaun “Tru” Hicks is better known as 2RU the Parramore kid. Did you know that Jack Williams and I, Jimmie Williams were known as the Parramore twins? Lol! I remember when 2RU would come to the events and help serve free food and help setup tables and chairs. DaZhaun “Tru” Hicks also went on to perform at the Celebrating You Celebrating History, Jamz at the Feed Store, Come and Get It Awards, Family Day In The Park and the Shake It Off Health Expo. 2RU has also received a community service Award from the Come And Get It Awards.  DaZhaun “Tru” Hicks has a great role model, his grandfather CMSGT retired George Gilyard. I did have the pleasure of speaking with CMSGT George Gilyard. I asked him for some advice on how to maintain when the competition is so great. He replied, “Know your part and believe in yourself.” 2RU is now a gospel artist. He has grown and has developed his skills to a new level. I also had the pleasure to speak with his mother, Ms. AnGell Hicks. She said, “He is really focused on his gospel music and would like to grow as a gospel artist.” He performed in the Super Bowl as a dancer and violin artist for the weekend. At the rehearsals on the week before the Super Bowl, 2RU used that time to have bible study meetings with the dancers. I am so proud of who he has become and where he is going. He also performed with Young Thug during Rolling Loud! Once again, during down time, he used this time to spread the word of God. 2RU believes he has been given his gifts to use to touch the lives of people who may not know God. Getting to know where 2RU are today in his life is amazing on the dance floor with the Orlando Magic NBA dancers. Through 2UR, my wife and I made history our first time on the Orlando Magic floor ourselves as a writer. My wife and I would like to thank the Orlando Magic staff that made this possible: Jeanine Klem-Thomas, Entertainment Manager for The 407, Classic 407 and Magic Beatz Drumline, Julie Johnson, Choreographer for The 407, Cherie LaRosa-Ceppos, Choreographer for The Classic 407 and Assistant Entertainment Manager, The 407 (no need to name individually) and Bo Outlaw, Former Orlando Magic Player and Current Community Ambassador.