The Orlando Predators 59 Carolina 54, Father’s Day Weekend W/Head Coach Herkie Walls


ORLANDO – I couldn’t have asked for a better Father’s Day gift. This is what my daughter Laqunita Williams aka Nook had to say, “Happy Best Father’s Day to OUR Daddy/ HUSBAND / Comedian / Artist / Organizer / Community Liaison / COMMUNITY ACTIVIST / Advocate / Bass Guitar Player / Journalist / Photographer / Board Member / Radio Personality / JACK OF ALL TRADES /GO GETTER!! We love you so much!! I enjoy every moment with you! Love u POPS (In Twen words Lol).” Okay I added something to her list my bad. Lol! Well Twen “Twentity Williams” is my other daughter. Wow, my granddaughters ate my pizza while my daughter sat there laughing. Ms. Olivia, Danielle and Yandi all at the Predators football game along with their dad and my son-in-law Mr. Legarion McCray, Shay Woodard and my beautiful wife Ms. Diann Williams. We had the opportunity of being the guest of the head coach “Herkie Walls” of the Orlando Predators. I attended the Orlando Predators game the week prior to this game and they also won that game. They won, Predators 68, Albany Empires 24. A serious injury occurred with the Orlando Predators on Saturday June 10th, 2023 with Quarterback Jonathan Bane. He had to be carried off the field and immediately loaded into ambulance and rushed to hospital after what was flagged as a flagrant personal foul/roughing the passer with 9 minutes to go. Head coach Herkie Walls stated, there were five unsportsmanlike conduct calls leading up the moment, and then every Albany Empire player was then accessed unsportsmanlike conduct warnings. Then the injury penalty made 6, then in the final 2 minutes their QB was disqualified for another unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for a total of 7 and the game was called with less than a minute to go. That is a total of 34 total Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalties. Quarterback Jonathan Bane attended the following week’s game on Saturday June 17th, 2023 supporting his team members. The Orlando Predators won the game. Bottom line! With players such as Dequan Murray #70 and Clarence Williams #3, we will keep pushing straight ahead until the Orlando Predators is the only team still standing. Don’t Meet Me There, Beat Me There!