Walk To Find A Cure For Cancer


LEESBURG – More than 75 adults and youth showed their support in the fight against Cancer Saturday, October 14, 2023 when they wore the traditional cancer cure color of pink and walked 3.5 miles from the Leesburg Recreation Center on Griffith Road to downtown Leesburg, across the street from City Hall.

The annual Breast Cancer Awareness event, sponsored by the Christian Worship Center’s (CWC) Leesburg Campus on Main Street, raises money for the American Cancer Society. The wholesome event attracts cancer survivors and individuals presently undergoing treatment for the cure or remission from the disease.

Cancer claims more than “10 million lives annually.”  In 2022, 1,918,030 new cases were reported by Cancer statistics for the American Cancer Society.  “Breast Cancer death rates for 2023 has already reached more than 43,700 people or 7 percent of cancer deaths. Cancer is the largest health problem in the world.”

Co-Pastor Constance Christian coordinates the well-attended community “Walk to Find a Cure for Cancer.”  As most people, she has known someone who passed on from cancer, or is dealing with the disease, or is a survivor.   “The CWC annual Cancer walk brings awareness, thoughtfulness, prayers and healing, for those who are dealing with breast cancer,” Co-Pastor Christian said.

She understands the importance of financially supporting the fight against Cancer and encourages more people to participate every year. “We also bring light to the caregivers and most of all we celebrate the survivors. This walk brings churches, families and communities together for a common goal and that is to beat cancer,” concluded Co-Pastor Christian.

Sharon Taylor, an eighteen-year cancer survivor and a participant in the event this year, said “she loves to talk to individuals recently diagnosed with cancer.  My personal story about the disease and my cure can be uplifting.”

During the Walk to Find a Cure, two CWC’s youths were having fun riding their bikes back and forth as they followed their Moms, who walked the 3.5 miles.

“This is always an important community event that our church supports and our Co-Pastor Christian organizes every year. It shows that individuals are being cured by the dreadful disease and that there is local community support in the fight against cancer, and I love to participate”, said Ms. Georgette, a CWC congregation member.