With Strategic Stewardship Christian Worship Center Pays-Off Church Mortgage Within 5 Years

(l to r): Bishop Gary Hall, Pastor John Christian and Bishop Ebenezer Sefah


LEESBURG – Christian Worship Center (CWC) Perazoth Church of God in Christ paid off its 20-year mortgage in 5 years and celebrated the miraculous accomplishment with a mortgage burning ceremony Sunday evening, October 8, 2023 at its Wildwood campus at 206 Main Street.

Purchased in 2018 under the skillful leadership and stewardship of Shekinah District Superintendent John Christian, and CWC’s Board of Directors, the memorable mortgage burning was an act of an able and willing God, said Pastor John Christian, who informed his congregation at a recent worship service that God had told him, “if you paid for the church, they could not take it away from you.”

With a host of COGIC officials, including Bishop Gary Hall, Sr. Prelate, Central Florida First Jurisdiction Church of God In Christ;  Bishop Ebenezer Sefah from Ghana, West Africa, the guest speaker; congregations representing the Shekinah District’s local churches; members from CWC’s four church locations, family,  friends, and supporters watched as Pastor John and Co-Pastor Constance Christian, Bishop Gary Hall, and Pastor Florine Smith put the mortgage document on fire, signaling complete ownership of Perazoth CWC’s building to the CWC family.

The audience and an elated and proud CWC leadership’s response to the official mortgage burning was magnanimous, emitting loud shouts of “Hallelujah, Praise God, and Thank you, Jesus.”

During his animated and inspirational Word, titled “Possessing Your Possessions”, Bishop Sefah, the guest speaker, recognized the brilliant leadership and stewardship of Pastor Christian. “I can’t believe it! You paid off your mortgage in 5 years.”

“Today we are celebrating the leadership of the church’s good stewardship.”  Looking at Pastor Christian, Bishop Sefah said, “You did a good job.  Believe in God! He’s able and He’s willing. Maintain your good relationship with God.  Believe and have faith in God. Act like God told the truth.  God can’t lie.”

Then Bishop Sefah prophesied that Pastor Christian “would pay off your next project in 4 years.” He also said that if CWC members “trust and believe in God, they will have their mortgages paid off as well.”

It seems obvious that Pastor Christian’s relationship of keeping God first in his life and his obedience, CWC is constantly blessed by God.  “But God and only God can do marvelous things for you when you pray and keep Him in the midst of all that you do,” said a contented Pastor Christian.  “We paid off our mortgage in 5 years during a pandemic when people were not coming to church.  But God!”

“I can truly say that God is faithful.  God performed a miracle through His humble servants to cancel a 20-year note in 5 years. How impressive is our God!” Co-Pastor Constance Christian said.

Encouraging CWC to continue to trust God and to keep moving forward, Co-Pastor Christian told CWC: “We can’t stop here, but we must continue to move forward.  With God, it’s all about what’s coming. There is more on the way, and the half hasn’t been told as confirmed in II Corinthians 2:9 “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him.”

Bishop Hall, who read the official document for the mortgage burning with the audience’s responses, said, “I am godly proud of your pastors.”

Pastor John and Co-Pastor Constance made a special presentation to Perazoth CWC servant Leader Vincent Felton for his untiring dedication to securing the sanctuary and his hard work and his spirit of sacrifice in providing service to the things required couldn’t go unnoticed.

“Thank you for always keeping the church clean and ready for me.  I never have to worry about anything,” said Co-Pastor Christian.

“What a wonderful accomplishment for CWC, and a really uplifting service,” said one of CWC ministers.